Current Trends @ 8885′

Mountain Industrial

Designers and homeowners are selecting cleaner, more sleek hardware and lighting that moves homes towards the industrial design trends, but doesn’t stray away from the rustic touches that make homes feel like they are a part of the beautiful backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.  Check out the newest addition of the locally published Peak Magazine  highlighting the work of some amazing local workers, including some of my favorite interior designers tips and projects.  There is even a article about our little store focusing on small changes you can make in your home that make big impacts

Keeping Crested Butte colorful, but in a modern way

Another current trend in Crested Butte, which is historically known for the colorful exterior, is still infusing our beautiful town with bright paint colors, but doing it so by choosing colorful doors, trim and accents.




Exterior Lighting

Did you know that there are new exterior lighting regulations being enforced within the town of Crested Butte?  Everyone in town should comply with the new exterior down lighting regulations.  Check with us to find out what light will work for you.  We have many lights to choose from that satisfy the town ordinance as well as your design sense. No need to feel stressed about this change, we have functional options for everyone’s budget.  We also have affordable ways to retrofit your current fixtures to make them compliant.  Don’t know who to have install these fixtures?  Check with us for some reliable local electricians.

Why are we so strict on exterior lighting in the Gunnison Valley?  It is not just to make money or to inconvenience you.  Check out the article published by Gunnison County that explains why it is so important to keep our night skies dark.

Feel free to check with us as we are always current on all the exterior downlighting regulations regardless of where you live.  If you would like more information, you can check the different areas websites listed below.

Town of Crested Butte (scroll down to view “Ord. 7, 2005 Exterior Lighting”).

Gunnison County (CB South, Riverbend, Gunnison, etc)

Town of Mt Crested Butte (type in “exterior lighting” in search field)

Here are some of our lighting vendors that support the dark sky revolution by providing unique downlighting:

Avalanche Ranch


Hi-Lite Manufacturing

Hinkley Lighting 

Hubbardton Forge

Kichler Lighting

Maxim Lighting

Minka Lavery – The Great Outdoors


Savoy House 

Troy Lighting

Troy RLM